Wanted: K3la

Im looking for a new or fairly new set of nathan k3la. Appearance dosent matter because I am going to paint them just as long as all the internals are in good working condition.
I am hoping to spend about $400 so let me know.

Just a buying tip, you don’t even have to go for fairly new as long as you know how to clean the diesel smoke off. There’s nothing to go wrong on them really as long as there’s no cracks. The diaphragms are EASILY replaceable. Hornblasters stocks diaphragms, as well as a few private individuals.

I once found a used one for $150. Needed 3 new diaphragms though and a new cushion ring. Cleaning them is kinda fun to me lol Just brake cleaner and a brillo pad is all I use.

just pay shipping and hondaguy will clean everyones horns for free!!!