Is there a good warranty that comes with these kits??

The Hornblasters Shocker 4 Horn kit has a LIFETIME warranty thru us!, As the manufactures, we stand behind our product, It’s made here in the US, 100% If you could possibly somehow damage on of the bells, simply contact us, we will give you instructions for sending it in, and we will replace it free of charge, all that you’re responsible for is the actual shipping charge to get it back to you. The Viair compressors carry a 1 year warranty, also thru us with exception to the 2 Gallon Air Source Kits and the 1.5 Gallon Air Source Kits which are warrantied thru Viair Corporation, Irvine, CA.
We are able to help you with replacement parts of any out of warranty Viair Compressor. If the motor runs, we can pretty much help you rebuild the entire unit! There’s very little that can go wrong with this setup assuming it is all properly installed. We promise you’ll be happy with your purchase, of course any purchase can be returned with no questions asked within 30 days. There is often no restocking fee unless parts are returned damaged or incomplete. Nobody sends these things back however. The minute you hear the horn, you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

I hammered the crap outta my hornblaster kit and couldnt destroy em at all… there built to the best!