Watch this if u want to laugh

“…right in the kisser…” yup thats were she got it!

god this has been everywhere and everytime i watch it i crack up that melon gets her good.

lol ive seen this video 12 times, and it makes me laugh each time. :smiley:

my thoughts exactly!

i nearly pi**ed myself the first time i saw it:D

Wow! I bet her face was swollen the next day.

Ok I got another…

Thats not the first time she got balls to the face.

Dayum! “I can’t feel my face”. Lmao

Oh man I just lol’d so hard.

I think it’s from the series “The Amazing Race”. It’s been on the news and I think I saw where she was supposed to be on a talk show.

^yup your right, it was from last weeks shows

^ if this is true than holy crap I watched this before it even happened! Hahaha

was looking for the fps doug clip to post here but someone already remixed it

Hi Balboa, Its really funny… When it starting the video i am excited to see that… but at the end of video… this is risky to her but it good nothing more happen with her…

Pow!! right in the kisser POW!!! right in the kisser

Errrmmm I think I missed the point here? lol at which point woz I supposed to laugh?

It’s supposed to be funny but not since she got hurt.

i still laughed first time i saw it…lol

The funny part is the Joan Rivers reference!

Because that’s what I imagine happening to her! LOL!

Sorry guys, I’m still none the wiser, is it something that happened over there?