Water in the tank.

Will water build up in your tank cause the shockers to sound funny? Cause mine did and all i done was drain the water prob about a cup of water and it worked just fine. jw if thats the cause of them not working.

with a 2 gallon tank maybe

this is why the tanks have a “drain” on them…

It will. You’re supposed to drain your tank periodically. If your tank is mounted inside a vehicle we recommend running a drain line to a valve outside your vehicle, or using an electric valve as a purge.

Depending on the humidity in your area, you may need to drain your tank as often as every week. (In which case, the electric option is incredibly convenient – push of a button and you’re done) In most cases, however, you’ll be able to drain your tank far less frequently.

Just get a feel for how fast water builds up in your system and go from there.

sorry, but how does that drain cock work? i drained mine today , and noticed that when i untightened all of the drain, i could turn the cok-thing inside and if I turned that all the way in it would leak fluid… i still don’t quite get it tho…

There are two common styles of drain cocks. One leaks fluid when the centre piece is unscrewed all the way out. The other style leaks fluid when the centre is screwed all the way in.

The latter is the style you are referring to. There is a hole in the bottom of the core that leads up to two small holes at the top. When you screw the core in, the two holes become exposed on the inside of the tank and let fluid out.

The other style has the core inversed.

x2 about the electric valve for purge… I will post pictures of what I have later this afternoon…

I have my air suspension linked to my tank with two manual valves, works a treat, I’m using that to purge any water out of the tank… the air suspension is coming off the bottom of the tank, thus any fluids will go into the bags, then when I close the valve & open the valve to drop the truck, any water gets forced out…works a treat!:smiley:

i need to drain mine it have been more than a month