Waze app gave me a warning......had to use my horns

So this week I’ve been taking a magnaflux training course at work and one of the students brought up the waze app.

I don’t really use fancy apps, but when he said it will warn me of traffic cams and police in the area, I figured I’d try it out.

After installing it yesterday, it threw out plenty of warnings.

Mainly vehicles on the shoulder, traffic cams, police, etc. and for the most part, it’s been right every time (although, timing was a little off as it was either too early or too late)

Anyways, on my way to work early this morning, I get a warning saying “watch out…object on the road ahead”

It was windy as hell and a few seconds later, I spot a big sign that had been blown into the slow lane

Cars were swerving around it and the car next to me looked like he was gunna swerve into my lane, so I had to let him know I was there with a little toot from the train horns