Weak Compressor?

Hey all, I’m running a Viair 380C I got used about a year ago, it has always taken about 20 min to get the tank to 145 psi so the pump would kick off. Well now it no longer shuts off, and won’t get passed 90 to 100 psi.
I feel as if it’s just wore out… I see a rebuild kit online for about 60 bucks and wonder if anyone has rebuilt theirs? or should I just upgrade to a bigger pump?
Thanks for the advice!

How big of a tank are you filling?

It’s right at 5 gal.

It definitely shouldn’t take 20 minutes to fill that.

I had to rebuild one of my 380c’s

Heres what mine looked like when i opened it.

Most likely youll need the piston, manifold, manifold seal, …

Only way to tell is open her up and look at it.

Thanks for the pic’s… can you tell me where you got the parts to rebuild yours?


Call them up… they made a deal with me and gave free shipping. You can also get them direct from VIAIR but but expect any discount, nor free shipping. Been there / tried that first / moved on…