Welcome Forum Staff

This is a private board. Only moderators and administrators can see it. If any of you need to post anything private please do it here so we can all discuss it.

Can we talk about parts that are private?

Like your vagina?

Tiernan! Get those damn customer photos up queerbaitin bastard!! That’s right…put the pint down…and type your fingers B*TCH!
If not for me…if not for hornblasters…for IRELAND!!!

lol kinda first time for me in the HB headquarters staff room… and what do I find… Vaginas!!! please lads, keep it clean… and I dont mean your vagina Garrett. hahahaha

Its nice to be here & I feel kinda honoured.:smiley:

thats for the 18+ forum :smiley:

Hahaha… if only you heard half the **** we talked in the office all day

I bet Gazza talks about Animal porn all day…goats, sheep etc etc