Well, it's a start (Scion XB beater install)

Been putting it off for far too long, but finally got around to installing a pair of K’s in my beater :o

Had to ditch the washer bottle to mount the one on the passenger side, but I’ll be replacing it with one left over from my Road Runner

Each horn has their own 3/8 solenoid fed from a 7 port manifold mounted on the strut tower brace and there’s a tank drain solenoid that will be hidden behind the grill.

So far, I have everything mounted, plumbed and sealed, but I still need to wire it all up.

Filled the system via the air chuck on the manifold, checked for leaks and nearly blew my ear drums out when I jumped the noids :eek:

Can’t wait until it’s done

Looks good I should be putting my k3 on soon just waiting on parts to Finnish the horn

A few crappy cell phone shots of the final product

Yes, the drain solenoid blasts out of the mouth of the grill face lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Also made a little panic button test video


Needs a #1 bell badly, but this will do for now :o

hmmmm… I wonder if you can fit a 1L bell behind the grill. or behind the rear bumper…

No space at all behind the grill, but I picked up a #1 and #2 earlier this week :o (just couldn’t help myself)

Replaced the teeny #5 bell with the #2 and it fit perfectly

Mounted the #1 bell out back, but still waiting on a solenoid to arrive before hooking it up, so for now, the #2 and 4A will have to suffice

Now, I had ditched the OEM washer bottle in order to fit one of the horns, so I picked up this small replacement bottle from EBay

It came with its own pump, but it’s a single output, so I swapped out the OEM dual output pump and snapped it in place :slight_smile:

New bottle fit perfectly in the corner, but I had to flatten the relay case bracket to gain a little clearance…

Hopefully the solenoid for the #1 bell arrives tomorrow…

Nicely done. Shows again that if there’s a will there’s a way.

That washer bottle had me thinking again. For ages now I’ve been meaning to toy around with a pressure driven solution and ditch the electric pump (i.e. have a screw-capped container with the fluid, then a solenoid with an air inlet coming from the tank) It would be like a mini pressure washer for your wipers - then again it would probably just blow the jets off the hood :))

Yeah, I don’t think regular nozzles will handle the pressure lol

Works great for Nerf darts though


Here’s a short test video with the 2 and 4A Bells


Tank Drain Testing lol