Well, I've done it now!

I’m about 30 days out from going on vacation, so I decided that I should go ahead and do it …

I bought the Extreme Outback engine driven compressor for my truck.

I should be getting it around the 21st and I fly home on the 1st/2nd of July, so I’m hoping I can have a write up done before the 10th or 12th.

Guess I should call Garrett later and order the bigger tank and a couple small items I need to redo my install.


Sweet man! Take good pics!

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Congrats - that’s awesome!
Bet it’s gonna be a long month…lol

I think Garrett left hornblasters. At least thats what facebook said. maybe im wrong- anyways congrats

Yeah Garrett is no longer with HB matey:confused:

What size tank are you going for and also, where are you going on vacation?

Well dang … I really enjoyed talking with Garrett … !@#$%!

I’ll be home the first weekend of July and won’t be going back to work until the first weekend of August.

Right now I’m thinking 8 gallon tank, the McMaster-Carr pressure regulator, and a small electric valve for my air bag manifold so I can finish wiring it up the right way. I’ve ordered everything else, and the 5 gallon and OB2 will be going on my wife’s truck at some point in the future.