ok so i left work today for lunch with my buddy, we go to wendy i blast the lady at the window she freaks… i pull out on the road… get to a red light see 2 ladys walking on the left sidewalk pushing a stroller… so i say to my buddy…" steve she i getthem" he laughs… i take off from the red light and HONKKKK… well lets just say i kinda feel bad haha… but she lady pushing the stroller totally ran the stroller off the sidewalk and the other one was flipping me off… wish i had my camera mounted… no biggie… ill get the next one…

Nice. I cant wait to get my truck back on the road and start doing that again… LOL

I have no conscience…lol blast em all!!

Wait did u post up the finished install pics yet??

no cuz im not done yet :slight_smile: HAHA… soon i been busy im trying to get it done so i can get the final pics up on hornblasters…plus matt wants some …hahasoooooon i promise…

I’m thinking that everyone scaring people with their horns (especially moms with strollers…) is going to make it illegal for people to even own locomotive horns. I happen to enjoy my hobby. just sayin

yeah, there should be some sort of “rules of engagement”

Yeah a woman pushing a stoller is a bit much, who knows if she had a baby in there lol.

lol!! :d :d

lol I doubt someone would push an empty stroller, unless she was smuggling something in there haha. Then she deserved to be blasted.

it will never become a law to not have train horns… maybe to have them mounted on a truck and power to them… but i wont take mine off…

i think ur twin k5las are worth more then the truck u have em on…lol

far from it…

i got a 2006 duramax fully loaded but i dont drive it sitsi n the garage thats why these r on this truck… daily driver…

well the horns are on ur 01 silverado right?
with ur 2 horns and ur entire kit and air supply and compressors, everything to power the horns, i bet it worth more then the truck…lol

my horns were free :slight_smile: so beat that…


lol^ sacredu :slight_smile:

i borrowed them from Ns… ill give them back…lmfao… my buddy works for them

my rules of engagement is simple, no old people, no babies, or anything that would cause a accident…trying to be safe and have a few laughs.:smiley:

haha Wendy’s was my first stop when I got mine in last week. Havent gotten a stroller tho