were to get security bolts for k5 horns and manifold?

well my k5la is installed however it hangs a bit lower than id like so im going to put secirity bolts on it how ever no one here stocks many imperial bolts othe rthan the standard sizes.

so im looking for 10x 3/8" horn to manifold bolts with maybee a torx head and 4 manifold to mounting plate bolts 1/2" im also after 4 x m12 security bolts as i used some unistrut to mount the plate to my ute.

No one is aus can really help me or if they can they wanted $100+ and post for these few bolts should be like $15 max

I browsed through McMaster Carr real quick. Didn’t see exactly what you are looking for.

Nice to see another Aussie on the forums. You got any pics of your install up on the web yet?

will post more pics soon 5gal tank dual 444c’s mounted ina tool box in back of ute.

thats the k5la mounte dto spare tyre hanger 1" of exaust on one side a few inches form the leafs on the other

will post more pics soon ho ever i am going to get some thing to block out teh view of the horns prolly black plastic either bunning garden edge or thick high voltage cables underneath warning barrcade.

Nice one. And a fellow QLD’er at that! Not on the south side of Brisvegas by any chance? I keep hearing someone with what sounds like a K5 off in the distance every now and again.

Have you got dust caps or guards on the chimes? Keep an eye on the crap build-up since they’re facing forwards underneath the car. Actually I would’ve thought there’s enough room in the Hilux up front somewhere

Not unless u can hear it from Rockhampton. No dust caps i have no doubt horns will get a touch dirty. But surely less than a train would?

No the hilux (toyota pickup for yanks) is tiny. To even get a dual battery in its major work new air box, and pipe work is required.

The thing is pretty wide.

All I gotta to is wire up a swich better as at the moment I have a spare sla 12v battery that I put both wires accross. Still haven’t fully charged tank 40psi is the max I’ve ran horns at tank now is sitting at 100 seeing how it holds the charge. If its ok at 4 I’ll ramp it to 200psi for its 1st real honk as I leave work.

HAHAHA… I know the K5’s are loud, but not THAT loud. Must be another closet train driver hiding in the woods here somewhere. I reckon you’d be about the only one up in Rocky with one of these rigs too.

I’m surprised you want to run them at 200psi. I don’t think the Airchimes work best at that pressure. They love big airflow but don’t need the high pressures to get stupidly loud.

My K chimes run of max 150 tank pressure and don’t really get any quieter until the pressure drops to below 80 odd.

I have a over ride switch in can so in theory stop at set pressure which is what I’ll prolly do. Once I get a gauge in the cab that is

I had a rvb train horn b4 apparently every one knows some one that had a train horn on the car at some stage but no one knows what or how they work.

There is a white small tray back truck like light rigid with a set on the roof. But not sure if they worked I’ve seen him in road works but he wouldn’t sound it. He didn’t even know what a k5la was. So it might just be for Looks.