What about a meet?

I know the site just lauched but maybe each state or local city may be should get together and meet up and hang out. People who dont have any horns can get ideas and people that are looking to do upgrades can also get ideas or just check out each others stuff. I moderate the truck area on TampaRacing.com, so if you need to pass the word around. Just let me know.

I just thought i would throw up some ideas. A lot of people on TR setup meets and go to places to eat and hang out. The offroading guys meet up and eat, then hit the trails.


Dude, I’m all for that, I havent been to a TR meet in a few months, probably gotta get a few more people on here and we’ll try to organize something. Great idea! Please help me spread the word to anyone interested in horns on TR or any other forum you’re on.

I’m up for it here in the so. Cal area.

This thread is a few months old lol and ur in cali were in FL

Thats why I said I’m up for it in the so. Cal area! I’m not driving across the U.S. And yes I noticed the post date. Does a thread become off limits when it gets too a certain age?

HAHA no i didnt kno if u noticed or not… ya but that would be cool to have a CAli meet

You gonna drive on over, you could do it in a day! LOL

ive always wanted to go to cali…ALWAYS! soon i will lol

Beware, once you get here you’ll never go home…LOL

If you guys have a meet here I’d try my best to make it!!!