what are these horns

left to right leslie rs3l, nathan p5, nathan k3la

Actually that is a Prime PM920. You can tell by the large ribs running down the sides of the bells and the flat spot on the largest bell. Leslies don’t have that… and the manifold is slightly different.

Are you looking to sell the Prime?

all for sell but the k3 that one is going under my truck

Can you PM me a price?

p5? pm me

Didnt pay attention to that

The k3 is now for sale it is all polished out and looks good I would like $500.00 plus shipping

Need better pics for the k3.

Prime 920 or prime 990…

Any prices pm on all of them…does the prime horn work…

it is a prime 920 I would like $350.00 plus shipping

The P5 I have an offer on.

The K3 I would like $500.00 plus shipping

all horns work and I will put up better pic’s of the k3 tonight.

Hey, you told me 400 for that Prime…

my bad bud I just need the cash so i lowered it a little do you still want it?

Nah, thanks though. It is a fair price, I just don’t have the money right now for that much.

Saw this post, thought I would ask a couple questions; Is that P5LAC, NC P5, OC P5, or a Hybrid P5, mixed bells? look on trumpets tell me if they say Pat Pending or Pat. Pend.

Wish it was a ocp5