What bells are on this k3

What bells Are on this horn. I found this on Craigslist he said it is bell 2 an 4 on outer. What is the center?

It looks like a #1 bell from pic.

Well, based upon what he said, if hes right, having bells 2 and 4 would make it Canadian tuned. But typically the canadian tunes Nathan’s are using bells 2 and 3, i might be wrong however. What i think the guy is missing is the “A” stamped on the 4 bell which would make the bell American tuned.

Lets say the bell is a 4 bell canadian tuned, which means theres no “A” stamped in it. so that means the middle bell would be a #1. Sometimes the #1 bells dont have the marking on them also. i would make sure you look at the horn in person too before purchasing.

the horn he could have is a
K3H -bells: #1,#2,#4

H standing for High Mount, Which is what he has.

Now lets say he has a #4A instead of a #4. That would make it American tuned. in terms of the middle bell, its the same for the canadian tuned, bell #1

The horn he could have is a
K3HA- Bells: #1,#2,#4A

He said it is the 4a bell…he wants 450 do you think it worth it? How will it compare to my shocker xl

thats a bit cheaper than anything on ebay. so price wise sure. a k3 should be about twice a loud than shockers, if the horn is in proper working condition. and aslo long as there no damage to the bells it should be ok. plus it looks like it hasn’t been sand blasted and still has diesel soot on it. its totally fine, its more of a cosmetic thing but that leads me to believe that the diaphragms are dirty also. which all you have to do it take off the back caps and wipe them down with some soapy water.

i got a k5HL ill sell for 650

What is the loudest bell setup on a k3? Could this one be one of them?

I enjoy the high scare factor of the k3s…k5s are way to mellow for me

KMS…I’m interested in them horns, can you contact me at 716-537-3203 Jim

Jim the number is saying invalid. I have a k5lla for 700 shipped or a k5la for 675. I sold the k5hl a while back. Might have an another but never know

That is the right number, try and call me back. I’ll be home all weekend. I am definately interested

sorry i didnt have a chance today. ill call you tomorrow

Welcome to the forum. Those horns are loud and air hungry and that tank & compressor seem awfully small for those horns so consider upgrading them at some point.

Why do K3s have a high scare factor over K5s ?

The K3 has a higher pitch than the K5