What component is bad on my 3yr old system?

I have the circa 2008 Conductor’s Special (4 horn shocker kit, 400C compressor IIRC, 5gal tank, 150psi PS) and 1 set of Psychoblasters in my 2003 Dodge Ram quad cab. The tank and compressor are mounted to the outside of the frame on the right side of the truck between the doors. My horns are mounted up front behind the bumper angled about 45 degrees down to the rear. I have a rocker switch in the cab to toggle between the shockers and factory horn. Until now, I’ve had no problems since I installed this back in April of 2008.

I returned from a deployment back in January and noticed that my compressor failed to turn on when the tank was low. I thought it may be the fuse since I had removed it prior to my deployment at the request of my wife who didnt want the compressor kicking on whenever she drove it as she doesnt use the horns. I replaced the fuse (40) with a new one but still had the same problem. I noticed the internal contacts of the fuse connector looked slightly melted but the fuse still fit fine. I was driving a day later and hit a bump in the road and the compressor kicked on. It has continued to randomly turn on or whenever I hit a hard bump up until about a week ago. It doesnt turn on at all now.

I am wondering, do I have a bad pressure switch, fuse connector, both, or is it some other issue? I haven’t really noticed any loose wires but was going to unsleev the PS ones and check on them later this evening. I am TDY for a few months but can go to the auto hobby place on base and use their tools if I need. I can also get replacement parts shipped here if needed. HB is out of the 150psi PS but I was considering getting this for the in-cab guage and new PS if needed. http://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?i=viair-onboard-air-kit Any suggestions will be welcome. Thanks.

Sounds like you found the problem … and it could be the fuse contacts that are shot if it looks melted in there.

Try running a wire from another key on source and put your own fuse on it.


I found the problem. I am using one of the screws mounting my tank to the frame as a grounding point for the pressure switch. It had come slightly loose preventing the wire from being properly grounded. I tightened it up and once the truck started the compressor kicked on like nothing was wrong. Let that be a lesson to others. I blame the craptasticular roads in San Antonio. I hate this city so much but at least now I can get back to blasting the horrible drivers here for another month. :smiley: