what do u do

when ur at work and bored out ur mind… i sit on the fourms all day and keep spening money that i shouldnt be spening…what the hell is there to do

We don’t have a computer where I work, so I just honk the dog or just chill and watch cars drive by. Sometimes I just bring my truck in and wash it or work on it which is a bonus.

i get soo bored…i have nothing to do SOMETIMEs… bussiness is slow and no customers

Where do you work?

i run my dads rug store now, now taht hes bought another store…theres nothign to do here

lol he’s persian… spartans!!!


diversify, start a rug cleaning business, carry outdoor astroturf…lol

We already do rug cleaning lololol

oh well, i tried…lol

Kick the goats and make out with the Lama. It’s actually my favorite part of the day.

Garrett is well known for his affinity with llamas… ask any of them, they’ll tell ya’…


BTW Garrett… yer girl needs to see the Dentist brotha’… her grille is a bit busted…



is it me or does she have a bit of an overbite?

Yeah I can see that. It’s an underbite though. Could use some braces.

you are correct. I wasnt thinking lol

hey garrett how bout you let me borrow that llama for an hour or two >=D