What do u recomend me to do?

What’s up guys i got a question and i need help from the people who know this poop good LOL.

well i have the s4 trumpets and i will get another s4 trumpets soon so it will be 8 trumpets in total ok here its my question can i wire the new valve to the old valve that i am using right now or i need to get a new wire from ground and from the battery or engie? or i don’t know how to say it. I WANT THEM TO SOUND AT THE SAME TIME.

How large is the valve?

You should be able to sound both horns with the same valve depending on the ability of the valve to flow enough volume to adequately sound both horns.

You should be able to run them in parallel. The valves we ship only use 6 watts or 1/2A… most horn circuits can power 1A no problem. Of course if you want to be certain just use a relay to the battery and split to both valves. The wiring isn’t too hard and you’ll definitely have enough juice