What happened to Angie@hornblasters

Where did she go Angie@hornblasters ???
Anybody Know ???

She is no longer with us. If there is anything I can do to help. Please let me know :slight_smile:

Or you can always message me! We are trying to be more active on the forum so we can offer even more customer service!

Omg, they’re coming out of the woodwork!
Welcome aboard to your own forum…

Thanks ear2ear! :slight_smile:

I’ve actually been on the forum for a while, but I never posted till yesterday. I figured since most of you have spoken to me, might as well reach out to the forums! Hope everyone has a great day!

Welcome Melissa!

Welcome Camden (I already welcomed Melissa)

Welcome to the Hornblasters forum both of you:D

I too was wondering the same question?

Camden, you share the name of one of the coolest places in London!:smiley:


Thank you and that is pretty awesome :slight_smile: