what happened????? [Website down?]

i have been trying to get on the hornblasters web site to buy my k3la’s and the site is nowhere to be found? did it change does anyone know what happened???:confused:

They’re switching servers, was supposed to be up by the end of the night.

lol thank god lol. i finally got the cash and the site disappears lol haha!! just my luck. but thanks for the info glad its nothing serious

Hmmmm? Still down damn lol!

you do know you can call them to order… which is usuallu better? they may still offer the forum member discount… give them a call 1-877-209-8179

lol sorry tiernan

Sweet I figured I could do that. Thanks guys. Is it just easier to call? And why so? I just like the pictures lol haha

I was told last month by Garrett that there is no outright forum member discount.
However, I definitely did better by calling opposed to online.
Thanks Garrett!

yeah, I would call and talk to one of the guys there. I just think it is a lot better to do that because if you have any questions they can help you out right there. They are good people and know what they’re talking about.


I’m modding your last post :wink:

definitely call em, they’ll get you set up

The website server had some power issues. Power has been restored and the website should be live for everyone within 72 hours.

(DNS adjustments were made and will not become live to every ISP for a longer period of time.)

x2. I just asked ;).

Never hurts to ask…imo

Ask for Giveaway Garrett!

It’s funny that you posted in this thread.
Seems like the website is down every single Monday morning…lol

i think talking to
sum one is better
that way you can
get your order strate and if you
need help or advice
never be afrade to
ask lol the guys at
hornblasters are
cool even garrett.

I like the last bit “Even Garrett”!!! hahahahahaha

:pLOL yup.