What hurts more.. AC or DC

I guess someone had to find out…

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Brow of the Uni :eek:

I’ll take his word for it.

And there you have it one of America’s finest.

LMAO XD electrocuting his bum, numtpy! 24 volts does give you bit of a kick though when mess it up :smiley:

Whether it’s AC or DC, the right voltage and current can cause damage or death so beware.

I was always told its the Amps that kill ya, not the volts. Dont wanna try to prove it though lol

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You are correct. Its all in the amps whether ac or dc. Tasers can generally be 50k but because the amp are very small, .02-.04 amps, you just get shocked and you’re usually OK. A car battery though is 12 volts and sometimes as much as 700-800 amps and would probably kill you if touched incorrectly. Long story short, amps is where its at.

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