What psi is best for a k5la?

well i gave in and got a nathan
i havent installed it yet but i was wondering what psi was best to run to them?
Also if anyone knows what psi do trains run?
i have a 150 psi compressor but i want this horn loud and sounding good
im going to buy a 480c soon

To my knowledge 150 PSI is safest to ensure that Nathan horns stand the test of time. I cannot confirm, but have heard that 200 PSI can damage the stainless steel diaphragms.

I believe train companies run them at 135psi, but anything below 150 and your good. 200 changes the pitch and it may sound louder to your ears, but it isnt and can damage the internals. I would advise keeping it 150psi and below if you want it to last.

hasn’t this been covered about 150 times?

150 max. they’ll sound amazing at that psi

modesto! you’re the closest train horn owner to me lol

yea i was thinkn the same can we get a recommended psi sticky for most popular model horns?

He said sticky… LMAO !!

Thanks for all the replies and help like I said I tried to search for this topic and no luck sorry for the dumb question
hondaguy there’s hecka guys here in Modesto with train horns! I can’t believe u fit one on a Honda I have a hard enough time with my truck

hasn’t this been covered about 150 times?

I guess you are going to have to make that 151 times now…:rolleyes:

Im working on a frequently asked questions page… It will be up soon

I run a 150 pressure switch.

Who me? lol I think you meant honduhh