What size airline for k3la

I have about 16 feet from the tank to my horns and was wondering what size air line i would really need, Airchime says to use nothing less than 1/2" ID but looking at the intake holes on the bells 1/2" seems like it would be overkill. I plan to run 200psi and a 1/2" SMC vavle.


1/2" is what you need to run, no bigger and I wouldn’t go any smaller. The horns are designed to have such a small hole in the foot of the bell and to have 1/2" air line run to it (or on some horns, 3/8" on the side). No one seems to care or believe me when I say it but I’ll tell you anyways, I wouldn’t put 200 PSI to your K3. It’s bad on it and will damage it EVENTUALLY, plus it makes them sound like ish lol.

1/2" ID line or 1/2" DOT line, or will both have enough flow? Im pretty limited on space and and dont want to drill any bigger holes than i need to but i still want to get the most volume out of my horn. Ill look into regulators to bring it down to 150psi if there isnt a big volume decrease, i still need to compare the horn at both pressures with a bigger air line.

Actually, most if not all 1/2" airline is ‘OD’, not ‘ID’. I run 5/8" OD. line with 175psi through a GW valve with no probs. 1/2 OD. line through the solenoid.

i agree with hondaguy on not using 200 psi and i use 1/2 id and 150 psi and really cant imagine wanting anything louder.

loudness can cause distortion so you need to figure out if want the shock factor or good sounding horns.

I see you run 2 nathan horns so you might need the 5/8" line. Would you still run that for one horn or do you think 1/2" OD airline is enough?

1/2 is enough. But if you have issues than go 5/8 with a 5/8 valve. Your system is only as good as the smallest restriction. So if you have 1/2 valve, 5/8 line is a waste.

i have 5/8"OD line with a 1/2" vavle…the orifice is .587 so my valve isnt a restriction and the 5/8 line has 1/2"ID so im all good… i run my K3HA to 200…its only at 200 for like 10 seconds…then it drops off considerably

a good 10 second blast should get a lot of attention though.

from 220 to 200 it takes about 3 seconds and 3 seconds is enough to get alot of effin attention.