What to buy?

I am new to all this and i dont want to spend alot at first. so i have been looking at “Bandit 400 Compact Air Horn Kit with 1.5 Gallon Air Source” what does everyone think about this product? i drive a 03 cavalier so i dont have alot of room. but i can fit this and maybe somthing bigger. is this horn loud? i dont need it very loud just loud enough to get peoples attention in the parking lot at school. would this be a good deal?

While the bandit is loud, it is nothing compared to a train horn. It is louder than a truck horn, but not by that much. If you are looking for a train horn sound, get a train horn. Just wait and save up a little extra cash.

thats right… save for some shocker or some k3

If you are looking for something cheap but still very loud, get the Nathan Airchime P3. It sells at it’s cheapest on Ebay. Since you were looking at the Bandit, it seems you don’t mind a horn replica. You can look for those too, but it is highly not recommended.