What would you suggest - Chevy 2500

What would you suggest for a stock 2003 Chevy K2500HD that goes offroad a bit?

depends how much money you want to spend, and how loud you want it…

I’m just curious as what and where will horns fit on my truck. As far as money, under $600 would be nice. The 2500HD doesn’t have a lot of space up front for a stacked unit. Also, I don’t want to drag them off as I go off road a bit.

Take a look at my install pics

me and slow hatch just did a 200 psi shocker kit on johns 2500… another john on the forum… he had a 5 gallon kit with a viair 480c… john if you see this please post pics!! i believe that kit is right at 600! i can say… its loud too…lol

lol there we go

we welded brackets onto the frame, for tank and compressor, and horns right in the grill! i have a?.. do you have a tool box? thats the best place to put the tank and compressor…

That gives me a good start. I’m sure I’ll throw some more questions your way soon. Thanks to both of you guys.

Make sure u get the 200Psi kit… its the best

consider an Oasis compressor in the future if you want to do things in a hurry.