what ya gonna do???

what r you gonna do december 31 at 12:00 pm i will go downtown and honk all honking night long lol and scare the poop out of everyone lol!!!

haha this new years is going to be badass

hell yeah bro lol here in miami at Miami Beach that place its always full of turist and people i the streets so will go there and scare the poop out of everyone haahaha i can’t wait

oh i cant wait.11 k bells and people for new years is gonna be amazing lol

ill be in atlantic city drunk as fuk!

damnnnn i need to get my asss to tampa for new years…so far its a maybe… i might join u guys :cool:

u can come ride with us:D

Do you have all 3 of those horns installed? I bet that’s pleasing to the ears lol…

yes i have all 11 bells honkin and is amazing

can i go too? i live a litlle far i live in miami (Hialeah) but i can go up there hell yeah