What you HONK?

Post pics of what you honk what kind of horn do you have…

i’ll star…

More pictures on the hornblasters install page.
[b]More Pics![/b]

A P5, RS3L, and a K3LA. I’ll post pics later lol

i have a k5la,p5l,soon i will have a k3la for the front.
im gonna post pics in the morning

In order: Leslie, K3LA (before paint and all bells forward), K3LA (dodge electric blue paint with clear), K3LA (rear shot), P5

Oh, and Brizzal, how long is that red horn?! Looks huge!

Hondaguy that electric blue paint is sick…

2 in the Back

2 in the Front

its a 24" hadley horn

that’s some serious hornage you got there.

SORRY, been to busy for pics, just your ordinary ole K5L stuffed bettween the frame rails under my Xrunner :eek: :cool: :smiley: K1 - K5 no A’s :smiley:

I think I want socks for my horns…

It keeps them warm… haha


Yeah I need socks for mine too.

Got to take some new pics.