whats a good price?

need some opinions on what you would pay for some good used horn parts to convert a set of k3’s to a set of k5’s.
called my source in SC today to inquire bout the k5ha manifold and #3 & #5 bells.he says he has them just call him when i want to convert it.
what would you offer?

i seen one on ebay for cheap… not expensive at all just for the manifold… cant remmeber the price but i know if i wanted to piece together another set i woulda bought it…but im just into buyin a full set.

lol, does your contact in SC have the initials T.A.? If we have the same source for parts, he charged me a set price for each item. I think he offers reasonable prices compared to my previous source. ALOT better than buying brand new. His items aren’t quite as clean as my previous guy but still, better prices.

I will not disclose my source, for my greedy purposes.LOL:D don’t want to be backdoored before I purchase. these sources where do they come up with a endless supply of used horns? I know they have the shady railroad employee connections,are they attending auctions where they bid on lots of these things?

John, there is a K5 manifold on eBay

paul, yeah i saw it. i’m in the planning stage right now.:smiley: