What's a good way to tell HR to F-off

So yesterday I am leaving my parking lot of work and I see one of my buddy’s walking to his car, so I do a quick honk and he waves. Well apparently there ********* employee in the parking lot about 15-20 feet away from my truck who said I hurt his ears and now he is filing for workers comp…

Human Resources says I will probably get a verbal warning, but I don’t think I should… I can I tell them to F off it’s my truck and I can do whatever I want

You are still in their parking lot and on their property, but people will file complaints for anything.

that sucks man
the hr at my work
is bad enof as well
i have a buddy that
i work with had a
a problum with our
hr do to his horns
a wile back just gos
to show sum pepol
are d***s

I’s find out where the faker lives and take a ride by at about 2-3AM and wake him up via the horns!

You’ve got people that will do anything to file a worker’s comp claim, especially those that have some sort of trouble with job performance.

Are you sure he was that close when you gave a quick honk, or is this just what he said?

I would go find an article on how loud your horn is and what damages can happen to the ears at that level. Give it to them and kindly tell them to F off.

I know for sure he wasn’t close enough to get “hurt”. I seen him walk out of the building… Oh well I’m not worried, it just pisses me off and makes me want to smash this guys face into the pavement

Exactly. Maybe even measure out the distance.

What’d you give him - maybe 3-5 seconds @ 100 feet??


I think everyone at my work has heard mine by now. There has been a few people complain to others about they don’t think it is funny, but no one has went to HR over it.

what a baby

next time wait till hes off the property and then just F***en give it to him! Then theres nothing he can do.

What A sissy this guy is ! He’s just looking for A handout. Send him A teddy bear and A get well soon and die card. LOL

I saw this poster at my brother’s shop, it said free jewelry for worker’s comp fraud, with a picture of a guy in handcuffs. You should find a picture like that print it out and hand it to him.

There ya go … stop by Spencer’s (the gag gift store in most malls) and pick up a pair of those fake handcuffs, put them in one of those paper gift bags with the really nice colored tissue paper stuffed in the bag to make it look pretty and give it to him with that poster.

I know I could be worse than this and fill that bag with something other than a set of cheap cuffs, but I’m not looking to get banned from here either.



Make sure they are the pink fuzzy handcuffs

That is some shenanigans right there … <snicker>.

Might find this helpfull. Is the parking lot considered a “Quiet Zone” by federal standard?
Paragraph 9