whats louder?

this isnt realy a random question, it will help me out in the future, what is louder



p3, set of shockers


4 sets of shockers

you would need some mad air for the 4 shockers

k5. even better if the ports are opened up.

before i get any more horns i will have 3 200 p.s.i. compressors and a 12 gallon tank, so i wouldnt think air would be an issue

K3 lol

^^^^ what? ^^^^

K3 is louder than the K5 by a few dBs (like 3 or so). K5 just has more bells so it has a fuller tone.

really? i just figured the k3 was just like the k5 minus two bells, anyway, back to the question at hand…

i would say K5, although I haven’t heard or seen 4 sets of shockers on 1 vehicle

and the reason is probably be like what farmer said…need a whole lot of air… really this question is based on the fact that i have a hard time saving money, i can save 250… saving 900 is a whole nother story.

k5 just off what youve got in your list…i hear different things on k5 vs. k3 hondaguy posted decibal reading conducted by nathan that proclaimed the k3 to be the winner. Based on that info id be comfortable calling k3s the winner. I dont like k5s anyway there is too much going on.

i will say k3

That’s really a bad thing to be telling people. I’ve talked to people at Micro Precision and to collectors who repair horns (such as Ken and Mike) and they all said the same thing: “They’re made that small for a reason, do not change them.”

did they say what it hurts?

Ahh leslie rs5-t…

eh, not really part of the question.

why are you using my quote so much…

it was saying that panyhose are good to rap around your horns…from debris…read the posting…!!!

Yes they did. It will damage the horn. It will get too much air like that (which it was not designed for).

It will damage the diapghrams…and the tuneage…