what's o.j. gonna get??

well, tomorrow in vegas O.J. “The wanna B thug” Simpson get’s to hear his fate. I say he gets 15yrs! what say you ?? :cool:

I hope he gets what he deserves…

life without parole, i hope

Talk about someone who had it all and threw it away…

If you have ever seen the guy run the football back when he was in college or when he played with the Bills, he was amazing. Incredibly athletic, amiable, a true icon and role model as a professional athlete. He had product endorsements and enjoyed a lucrative career in broadcasting after his retirement from football. I still remember the commercials he did for Hertz rent-a-car, featuring him sprinting and hurdling through airport terminals. I’d bet those commercials were instrumental in propelling Hertz’ success.

The guy had every earthly success most of us can only dream of, including marriage and family. Hell, he probably had people trying to persuade him to enter politics as he got older.

I don’t know what in hell happened to him that brought him to the point of murder. But man, this guy fell HARDER and FURTHER than just about anyone. Unbelievable. And when it was announced that he wanted to release his story “If I did it” (murder), … pathetic.

More people know him today because of “the bloody glove” trial acquittal, his ongoing legal battle with his wife’s surviving family members, and now this recent mess. He’s become a caricature. Even outside of prison, he can’t go anywhere without being recognized. It must suck really badly to be him.

His problem is he isn’t very intelligent. He got 15 years with possible parole in 6.

Well, something isn’t right. In his playing days, and even as a color commentator though, he seemed to have about average intelligence?

I’ve known a few people who have been influential, rich and powerful. I once worked for someone who developed and owned a casino. At some point, many people succumb to a line of thinking that they are privileged, special, above others, etc. The casino owner at one point seemed to act as if he hadn’t crossed “the line” until he went somewhere one of his attorneys couldn’t rescue him from legally.

I wonder if something similar didn’t creep into OJ’s thought process…

I have to agree with you. but how did he think going into a hotel room with weapons and grabbing his possessions was not illegal? even If it was to receive his stuff… thats what the police are for.

I think you are indeed wise beyond your years… regardless of your age. This is a very well-thought-out post indeed.

I don’t think anyone can make a supposition of the man’s intelligence, but as to his regard for what’s right & wrong - something is indeed amiss.

ok, but he did let those guys influence his decision making and helped him in the process only to turn on him in court so they would get lighter sentences.

haha it was his own stuff he was stealing back which is funny…lol

What we gonna talk about with OJ gone? Yea, he was a good RB, in his day. How about them Detroit Lions…

Yeah, I hear you…

I think I read somewhere today that OJ is now 61. I’m about to turn 49 this month. So when I was in my teens - early 20’s, OJ was “The Juice”, or just “Juice”. He wasn’t “just a good RB”, he was “the” man in the NFL. Think along the lines of what LaDainian Tomlinson or even Tom Brady have been recently - the star and most recognizable face in the league (Brady’s and LT’s current year stats notwithstanding). People would tune into a USC or Bills game just to be awed by OJ’s athleticism. And after his football career, he was a popular football commentator, not just because of his football knowledge and accomplishments, but also because he came across as such a likable guy. He was at or near the top of any guy’s list of people you would enjoy having a beer or 3 with in the local pub.

Whatever the reasons, the guy has made some colossally horrible decisions and ruined his life and name, and the lives of others - forever.

And while he only has himself to blame, on a personal level I have a hard time reconciling OJ of yesterday with OJ today. It troubles me a little, frankly, that someone with his God-gifted athleticism, talent, public persona, and (prior) status can make such a mess of their life and disaster of others…

Just unbelievable really :frowning:

Its not just OJ if u think about it…
It happens to alot of people… People with money usually… for example, mike vic, and plexicco…
And dont get me started with actors, actress, and singers…lmao… people just go crazy

Britney Spears… haha Lindsey lohan. wtf are they thinking?

They say power corrupts but money and popularity seem to have the same effect.

Obama will probably pardon him before he leaves office.:rolleyes:

eh, lets just hope for the best… Hopefully he wont honk us over even more

Hasn’t Obama already reneged on a couple of his so called campaign promises? I’ve heard that his tax increase has been put on the back burner.

It’s going to be interesting to see what Obama will do. He’s stepping in at a very challenging time: A war on 2 fronts, huge budget deficits, an economy and financial markets in the toilet and overall confidence right along with them. Unemployment is high and climbing, many states require funding from the Feds to provide extended unemployment benefits, and State budgets are all bleeding red ink themselves. The Feds are providing bail out money to Wall Street firms and apparently now to GMC, Ford and Chrysler. On top of ALL of this Obama promised a lot of new government led initiatives and services during his campaign.

Without starting a political debate, I think the Bush administration did some things well, others not well at all. One of the areas of leadership in which Bush failed miserably was in delivering a sense of confidence in the ability of he and his administration to lead. It can be argued that this is the most important role a president plays. He was an inept communicator with the public. He oftentimes couldn’t string 2 sentences together without sounding like a bumbler during Q&A sessions with the press. The liberal press jumped on him continually and over time, eroded political capital he established during his elections and post 9/11.

Obama seems to be more eloquent. Aside from the daunting challenge of determining fiscal and military priorities, the best thing he can do is to communicate well and often publicly, about what he’s doing to improve matters. This will help to restore confidence, and is - I believe - where Obama can have his greatest impact.

What’s he gonna get? An a-s-s pounding in prison that’s what. Someone better watch their back!

PC1-Well put. Nice posts.