whats the best valve too run with k3s??

i have a set of k3 s with a 1/2 eletric valve but i dont sound like am getting the air to the hor fasted enogh maybe i need more air?? only have the little vair compresser with the 120 prss switch what do yall thinbk about 200 psi of nitrogen?? pasadena tx , drew

smc valve or airlift valve… also what size airline ru running?

1/2 line whats the max psi you can run on nathan k3s

i use a trailer hand valve out of a semi for my train horns mounted to the floor

just use air it doesnt cost anything to refill. i’m runnin 1/2" line, 1/2" smc valve, 175psi, and its ridiculously loud. maybe your valve isnt close enough to the horns? mine is about 9 inches from the horns manifold and the sound is instant when i hit the switch

i put the valve on a 3’’ nipple right on the horns i think its my comp, i have th viar comp with the a gallon tank

“a gallon tank”

or an 8 gallon tank?

What VIAIR compressor are you running? You may have the wrong compressor, and not enough compressors for the performance you expect from the system…

yea a 1 gallon tank i need to get a bigger one, whats the best set up and the max psi i can run??

with a K3 you need atleast a 5-10 gallon tank… thats why it sound like your not getting enough air is because your not

what he said…i’m runnin 5 gallons and a 1 second blast uses about 15-20 psi alone you need at LEAST a 5 gallon tank

wow a gallon?? lol that aint nuffin… yea def upgrade ur tank…