whats the difference 232- 240

I was about to buy the 240 horn blaster kit then I was looking at the 232 kit.Says that the 240 refills 50% faster.However when I pulled the up 232 says that it takes the 50 sec to refill.The 240 fills in 40 sec so the question is why would I buy the 240 over the 232 for 10 secs refill time…and like 50.00 price tag difference.

ok I stand corrected it’s $30.00 so is 10 secs worth 30.00???

Yes they have the same pressure rating and duty cycle, but you get a 400 series compressor. As mentioned on the Viair website: “These compressors are the backbone of the 12 & 24-volt mobile pneumatics market.”

Once you get a horn & air system it seems like you always wish for a bigger tank, faster compressor, louder horn, etc…

Since they are both 33% duty cycle, I would get the faster one.


I would definitely get the faster one

the 325c- 1.77CFM
the 400c- 2.54CFM

Definitely faster and well worth the small extra amount.