whats up from TAMPA FL

Hey whatsup guys, Im javier I drive a 2007 nissan titan 4x4 on 22s hopefully lifted soon… but I just got my s4 shockers on and they are a BLAST! anyways I also drive a 1989 toyota pickup which is my toy… when it has a running motor in it :mad:

who else is from tampa ??? or drive a titan ???

and here is the yotaaa
when I first got her…

as she sits now… but now a little lower on low pros…

and the turbo set up i just sold…

I guess I can welcome you to the forum if nobody else will…lol.

Are you going to take it off road or use it for launching boats, otherwise why have it lifted? You would just be creating another “Pavement Queen”…lol:rolleyes:

not a pavement queen, the reason she is on low profiles right now is i got a screaming deal on the rims which I got about half of new price and it came with tires… my stock a/ts were bald at 25000 miles lol so I scooped these up for a while… hell i trail ride on these tires…

well now that I think, what is a pavement queen ? not going to lie 90% of my driving is on the road but I do throw sh1t in the back, not afraid of dents and scratches… will be when i get her painted soon :o so yeah i guess the lift is mainly for looks but it will be used sometimes…

hey man glad u made it…there are a few of us from tampa here

Welcome Javier! Nice trucks!

Pavement queen means built for off road but never goes there. They only do it for looks thinking it’s bad donkey.

tampa here… honk away!

Welcome to the forum!

Let us know if you ever need anything.