whats with all the spam

Whats with all the spam on this site? A diesel site I go on has the same format and it had the same problem.

I keep getting emails on topics with dumb poop

gm-trucks has same prob this weekend… spam bots prob found a back door.

sorry about that you guys, i’m not too sure what happened there but that was a little annoying. Im pretty sure i deleted all the recent spam threads and banned the users from this forum.

There’s a thread under forum management that’s addressing this problem. I’m sure any good suggestions will be appreciated.

If you guys start banning foreign IP addresses, please make sure you don’t end up banning one of mine!


Good point since there are others overseas who are legit.

you need a one touch ban and clean, works wonders on spam bots

I hate spam bots. :mad:

Dont go ninjain noboy that dont need no ninjain.


I only ban the porn & spammers… but have to say, its like going crazy at moment!:confused:

yes it is, it seems like I ban 1 or 2 a day now.

i been trying to ban as much as i can… im also working on an IP list for Tiernan… and I been trying to ban before they even post…
It is getting out of hand tho I do agree…

I am reporting post all the time… just did it like 30 min ago or so… I’ll volunteer to have mod status to delete the spammers if you guys need help. Seems like i’m always on here and reporting…

posting…making sure i havent been banned…

Found out what’s going on …

There is a huge BotNet running around on the internet so the US is really getting hammered right now.

Give it time and keep reporting bogus posts.


Kill it with fire!

another just popped up i just reported… this is b.s!

and I just deleted 2 more. at least we’re deleting them as fast as they show up.

its crazzzyyyyyyy