when compressor kicks on, the horns blast.

Here’s the issue: My compressor is hooked up to a toggle switch. It is at 0 psi and when I switch it on, the horns blast immediately without me pressing the horn switch. I thought it was a stuck solenoid so I changed it to a brand new one and guess what. It does the same exact thing. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I tested the solenoid and I hear the “click” so I can’t figure out how the compressed air is getting past it and to the horns. Thanks for any help.

Is this a new install or an existing one (i.e. has the kit worked as intended previously; and without you changing anything like wiring etc)?

If you’ve never had the kit working properly ever - then :

  1. Check the air valve/solenoid. Disconnect all power wires from the air solenoid and then test again. If the horns still blow, make sure you have it installed the right way. Those air valves will only work in a uniflow direction. If you have it hooked up in reverse then the air will just push past it.

  2. If the solenoid is holding air back fine when the wires are disconnected then simply check your wiring. The solenoid will open whenever there is 12V on one line and a path back to earth on the other. Obviously either line needs a horn switch to stop that from happening. Check that you don’t have a short circuit (which can occur anywhere; especially in a switch, or more commonly a connector or broken wire)

Anyway, hope that helps. If you’re still having issues then perhaps give some more detail of how you have things wired up or post some photos.

Thanks for the reply. The horn kit was installed in 2009 and the compressor died recently and was replaced; the wiring was corroded so I changed all the wiring as well. I’m guessing that it must be the wiring, because this started to happen after the new wiring was installed. The original solenoid valve did the same as the new one I just installed. I will try disconnecting the solenoid and see if it holds the pressure and then I’ll get back to you. I’m using an LED switch and maybe there is a short circuit in it somewhere. Thanks again.