Where to get large air tanks with 200 psi rating

So I’m putting together my list of needs for my kit and I see alot of folks running 200psi, but I don’t see 200psi air tanks. Where do I get one, or is it safe to run a tank up a little more than what its rated?

I’m looking at the 12 gallon tank on HB’s site.


I bought their 8.5 gallon which has the exact same specs.
I bought 200psi compressors, and pressure switch at the same time and Garrett never said anything. In fact, the pressure relief that he sent is a 235psi.


"Product Notes

You must not pressurize this air tank over 200 PSI. Doing so is dangerous and may result in serious injury or death.

It is recommended to run these tanks at 150 PSI for the best performance.

Air tanks are not designed for use indefinitely. They must be replaced every 5-10 years or if signs of wear, stress, fatigue, or any sort of damage appear.

To insure the longest use of your tank you should drain it regularly. Allowing condensate to build up in your tank will not only shorten the lifespan of your tank but is a safety concern.

Just dont go over 200psi and you should be good

Check McMaster-Carr.

They sell Manchester tanks ASME coded to 200 PSI. We use their 10 gallon with our tank mounted compressor. ASME coded tanks are not cheap.

Thanks Dan!

It looks like I will be getting the XD3000 from HB this summer, I just scored another horn (K3L) and I’ll need a big tank and a decent way to fill it.


Hoosier Air tanks are DOT rated so burst rates are very high, Way over 200 PSI. The tanks are used on Busses and large trucks.

Exactly what I was looking for … thanks for the info!


Right. All the SAE J10 tanks are tested to 5x working pressure. Burst is higher.
So all the 150# tanks are tested to 750 if they’re stamped.

We sell Hoosier tanks and they have the FMVSS 121, SAE J10, and 150 PSI stamped on them but we never recommend going over the rated PSI even when they’re burst tested higher.
There are plenty of people who push that limit with air horns and air suspension who never had a problem.
So the choice is up to you, push the rating or go ASME.

That is what I am using. I have a 15 gallon Manchester ASME 200 PSI tank.

Mine has been repainted red to match much of the metal in my boat’s engine room.