Where to go for nathan K parts?

Hey hows it going, I just bought a set of Nathan K3’s, and my #2 horn has a cracked diaphram plate/disk…actually pretty much destroyed, haha. I’ve searched around, but parts are hard as hell to come by! Wondering if you guys could help me out.

On that note, seems I have a quite an interesting set of horns. My set is a K3, With the 1, 2 and 3bells…seems straight off a train judging by the amount of soot, tar and grease one em. Turns out, one is over 40 years old, my #2, the one that’s broken. Sand cast with the Made in canada logo on the back. I thought that was kind of neat. Took about 4 hours to degrease and clean these things lol.

ADAS , don’t want to tell you this.yes you have a nathan product but actually partially correct in construction.see the problem is in your number description of the bells. on the nathan k3 series horn the proper numbers are as follows #1 , #2 & ,#4A not a number #3 . it appears some where along it’s life a #3 was used to replace a damaged or missing #4a bell. also you also can do a search for nathan mfg.they do have replacement parts including the #4A BELL to make yours authentically correct. you may even be able to get a #4A BELL off ebay. :eek:

try this site for your parts: w.w.w.microprecisiongroup.com

Thanks…but that’s not true. I have the First variation of the K3 made, the K3H…using the 1, 2, and 3 bell, and canadian tuned. I wasnt joking when I said I got quite the antique set…haha,I have 2 sand casted horns, but only 1 has the sand casted back plate. 2 look like they were never cleaned nor rebuilt inside till I got to them, besides being painted 3 different colors.

Thanks for that site, thats exactly what I needed, I’ll get my 3rd horn working soon now.

You could also contact people on Ebay who are selling horns on a continuous basis. Most of them can sell you some fine, used ones that look and work as good as new for alot less. I bought 3 used diaphragms and a used gasket from a guy on Ebay for like 50 bucks shipped. You could also talk to the guys at Hornblasters. They may be able to hook you up for cheaper than windham machine people. Are you a collector?

Check out the diaphragms that were in a horn I just cleaned up haha.

Oh and that’s not fair haha. I’ve always wanted a Canadian K3 :frowning: especially a sand cast.

[b]ADAS, thanks for the schooling. looks like your is a 50’s era canadian built http://trainiax.net/mehornk3.htm

Nope, not a collector…but I might start…these are awesome. I got em on ebay,$335 shipped. Those diaphrams look almost exact to mine haha, lots of abuse. The quality is amazing seeing how these things are almost 50 years old:eek:
Thanks for the help, I’ll call hornblasters next time, I impulse bought from micro presicion because I want my #2 working PRONTO haha

Go here…



oh…for actual diaphragm kits, go to page 2…




yes microprecisiongroup.com is a good site and great prices

did get a new set yet?

did you find any? i have a new set

Wow, you do realize this thread is over a year old right? lol… He got them from microprecison so yeah he got some.


HornBlasters AirChime Diaphragms
Ours are actually cheaper than micro even at retail.