where to mount horns

i have an 02 ford ranger and i just bought dixie horns, the ones on hornblasters. im having trouble finding a place to mount them. any ideas?

behind the front grill? under the hood?

with the small size of those you could mount them anythere… As said above, under hood, grill, or in bumper, any cavity…

you will prob have to make some sort of a bracket to mount them on… make it custom, be creative. heres what i did with the shockers… Which are a lot bigger horn, it should be simple to find a place for yours…

thanks for the suggestions guys.

I installed them with him today- they sound pretty good but for some reason the middle notes are quiet.

mounted and secured without using zipties!(as the main support)

I did, however, put some “just incase” zip ties.

it looks good and is completly hidden from view Pics and vid up soon!