Where to mount manual valve in cab?

I’m looking for a place to mount my manual GW valve in my truck but I’m trying to keep my interior as clean as I can. I don’t want it just slaped on there all exposed.

Any ideas anyone?

Some people like them under the drivers seat.

You mean like down by your feet?
Or what?

I’m thinking about fabricating a bracket to go between drivers seat and center console.

I’ll be mounting mine to the console next to my driver’s seat, pushed back so the handle is flush with the seat. I plan to reinforce the console from inside.

06z71silvy has his mounted to the console:

Yeah I’ve seen several pictures. But I don’t want it exposed to everyone. Makes em look kinda sloppy. I saw where one guy mounted his down by his shifter…but it was all diagonal and mounted to a pc of aluminum.

I’m gonna build a bracket so I can mount flush between my drivers side seat and console.

I hear ya. Mine will be tucked down in the gap so u only see it from above.

Mine is attached to my center counsel. Its right at my right hand so theres no need to reach to far to find it.

^ That looks good.

Here’s mine>>> and I mounted it backwards like this on purpose because I can get some really good leverage on it for sweet tailored blowing…