Where to mount Shocker 540?

Hey all!

I am new here to the forum and I have a 2010 Toyota Tundra with a set of Shocker 540s on it. I have had them on my truck for a little over a year and I love having them! Currently I have them mounted underneath my toolbox with my tank and compressor inside my toolbox. I am wanting to get my train horn setup moved underneath my truck where the spare tire is, so I can start to use my toolbox more, and have the option to take the toolbox off.

My question is, for any of you who have your horns and everything mounted underneath, have you had any trouble whatsoever? I really like to take my truck offroad and I really don’t want to damage the horns when I am crossing a creek or playing around in the dirt/mud. I talked to a hornblasters rep. and they said that the compressor is a sealed unit so it will be fine underneath. They had actually sank the truck twice and the compressor stills works fine so I feel like it should be okay. Anyone take their truck offroad with horns underneath it??

Thanks in advance!!

Welcome to the forum. What you need to be careful of is the compressor intake. Make sure you extend the intake filter so it stays dry. The rest would be fine as long as you appropriately insulate your electrical connections.

Welcome to the forum. Does your Tundra have a snorkel? Another warning is don’t mount the compressor upside down because heat builds up inside.