which air tank should I buy?

Hi everyone, new to this forum and I’m happy I found it, since I have two setups in mind and 5 other potential ones if everything goes fine for the other two… and not on any kind of vehicle… anyways, I’ll get to that later.

I want to install a single airchime horn on my daily driver, a 2009 toyota Matrix. I’m asking about what tank I should use for just one horn? I saw that half gallon tank in the forum’s store and I’m a bit skeptical for it’s holding capacity. how much time can the horn blast until it runs out of pressure if I used this tank? Thanks :slight_smile:

by the way, the horn I will be installing is the mid-sized one on the K3 airchime set.

Welcome to the forum.
I know our compressors but not much about horns.

I think it boils down to the cubic feet that’s stored in the tank vs. the cubic feet the horn consumes per minute.

An Airchime K3 has an air consumption of approximately 45CFM that has little to moderate wear on the nozzles. In other words, if you pressurize a Hornblasters 5 gallon tank to 200psi, and drain it to 90psi, you should get approximately 7 seconds of air time.

The main issue there is starting out at 200psi is a good way to prematurely wear down the horn and it sounds like crap, so a high flow regulator is a wise move. Or you could just fill a 5 gallon to 150psi, though the air time will be cut in half because there’s less volume in the tank.

All depends on what you want. I almost always use my horns for lengthy recordings, so I charge a 20 gallon tank to 175psi and regulate the horn down to 90psi and get a fair amount of honk time.

I always use this app on my phone and it’s been very accurate. Problem is it only works for Android users. That’s how I came up with the consumption measurement for my K3L though. I’ve restored one for a museum and own one and the air consumption is about the same.


Seeing you own a Matrix, if you want the most air time possible and still maintain practicality with such a small vehicle, a 200psi capable 5 gallon tank is the way to go. Anything below 2 gallons is pretty pointless. Even that would give you just under 3 seconds from 200psi with a K3. A brand new K3 may be more air efficient, but I’m sure the difference won’t be very noticeable.