Which has more demand?

Two friends of mine, and I are going to sell some train horns that we have. I am the least knowledgeable of the three so I just wanted to ask which has the most demand right now, Leslie’s or Nathan’s?

Nathan horns do…But what kind of Leslie is it and how much? I have a collector friend who is interested.

i agree nathans by far due to the popularity, size, and volume of the horn…

Oh, man like I said I’m not very knowledgeable so I really don’t remember much about the horn. As soon as I get more info I’ll make sure to get back to you though. However, it might take a while to get the info since my friend is on vacation, sorry about that.

Thanks for the response though.

How many horns do u have?

We have one Leslie and 3 Nathan’s.

of the nathans…how many are 5 horn on 1 manifold?

They are all three horns on 1 manifold, sorry.

how many horns on the leslie?

The Leslie is also three horns.

i would rather have a leslie horn because leslie dosent make that much horns anymore, but by far nathan airchime is easier to work with

I know it’s a bit late, but here are the Leslie horns. I tried to send it through PM, but I couldn’t at school for some reason.



Oh I saw those last night. What are you talking about by the second manifold doesn’t work? The middle #44 bell?

he probably ment the second horn… but from which direction left to right or right to left? hmmm!!! lol

It’s the middle horn that we couldn’t get the sound out at 150 psi. I’ll ask to for him to clarify this so that I can get back to you.

Someday… a SuperTyfon would be great.

Is it just me, or is there just a sick, nagging urge to collect big, obnoxious train horns?

It’s not just you. I already collect them. I don’t think they’re obnoxious though, I think they’re wonderful, especially older tuned ones that sound somewhat musical.

Yeah, we couldn’t get the sound out at 150 psi from the middle horn. The hose we had didn’t really fit it well, but at 180 psi the three horns sounded.

All 3 should sound at 80 PSI and the middle bell should be the one to sound first (usually). Something is wrong with it.

I can get you a new in box Leslie RS3K, with horns #31, #37 and #48 - factory tuned to D#, F# and A# for $750 delivered to your door.