which is better?

which is better for a k3 or a k5? a manual valve or a solenoid? im leaning toward a solenoid because its easier to run but can i can get some opinions? thanks

A K3 is louder than a K5 by just a few decibels. You can’t really tell though so I’m guessing it would just be up to you. You can fit a K3 in tighter spots but a K5 has a different sound to it. It’s all up to you in the end. I suggest you get on Youtube or something and listen for the sound differences.

Between a solenoid valve and a manual, I’d definitely go for the manual valve if you have the room for it. They allow for a lot more control over the sounding of the horn as well as the volume (if you get a good valve such as a Graham White or Viloco). Again though, it’s all up to you.

k3 is smaller and louder and the solenoid is better for me cuz i don’t have room for a manual valve… but if you can get a manual valve get it!

In my opinion
K5 > K3… It sounds fuller although more expensive
Manual > electric… more control over the sound and such.

K5 and a GW valve sound best.

Ive used both and diffenitely enjoyed the g.w. valve the most. but remember all the possibilities of the selenoid valve i.e. remote horns, alarm…

thats right with the GW valve you can’t do that

yeah well im gunna go with the solenoid but now i have to figure out where im gunna mount the huge things. i have a 94 silverado and i took the spare tire off and it still seems like its gunna be difficult. ill probably have to fab something up

Run both vavles!!! You can have the best of both worlds.

if you have money to spend get both… if not get a selenoid valve