Which to get

Hey guys im new And i have a lifted Xterra and want train horns real bad. i live here in tampa,FL

i work for a roofing company and have the best mechanic there to hook em up, now ive heard alot about the hornblaster horns. to be honest my limit was 150 which was unreal then i decided 200 which was unreal for a good loud one, now im set at $300. Are any of the kits the bandits any good? like loud to scare someone? i see alot of system on ebay that go for real cheap but they dont have fourms liek this to see how loud they are!

Does anyone have there? are they good or what? i really dont wanna spend over $300

save up a little more… Going with a cheap kit will only aggrevate you when it breaks down , or sounds like garbage.

i went with a siege engineering kit at first i found on ebay for just over $300… now after selling those garbage horns and buing the hb4h horns and upgrading my kit i have well over what i would have paid for a original hornblasters kit.

Get the chrome or black 3 chime horns from Hornblasters. But you might spend a little more than $300.00. Or just get it over with and buy a ‘real’ train horn. I got sucked into this obsession by starting off with a 3 chime chromie, then a K3HA, and now a K5LA, and now both. It was an exspensive ride so do yourself a favor and put the biggest ‘real’ train horn you can fit in your rig from the get go!:smiley:

save up the extra money it will be worth it in the long run i to bought a cheap chrome 3 horn set and them bought cheap compressors that blew out and went through changing airline and fittings save up and at the verry least get one of the kits with the s4 shocker horns (HB4H Horns) you wont be satisfied with a cheap kit

so not even the outlaw set is any good?

Any of the HB kits are good. But after the install and after the novelty wears off you’ll want to go bigger and better. But then again you might be happy with one of the knock off set ups.

get h4bh or more. any thing less is a pain and you wont like it! start with h4bh and go up (trust me in time you will want more)
in the real world train horns start at 500$ and go up way up
i have over 4k on my truck just in horns.
so keep saving. saving now will save you a lot more later

i dont know these horns by their model # just by names, so the b4hb idk what that is

i kno all of em are good, but to get ppl to notice u, what im saying is which kit is the best, price and sound, i dont wanna go over 400 now

Hey Farmerehsan! Welcome to the forums. You really should look into the Conductor Special kits. Remember, since you are on the Forum you will receive 10% off of your kit. Listen to the guys above man. They know their stuff.
Call us up and we will get you everything you need. Even if you just have some questions. The shocker 4 horns have a LIFETIME warranty. No other horns do. They are handtuned to sound like the Nathan P-3 and are easy to mount, considering they come detached from one another. Let us know brotha.


10%? poop if i get that then ill order some tongiht!

The shocker horns/conductors special/ HB4H are all the same horns they are the black 4 horn kit with 4 seperated horns

I got the shocker kit… you wont be disappointed lol these things are sweet.

get this
$$$ for $$$ it’s as good as you can get for that price range
at 145 psi you will make your self herd by all and use
google checkout or call matt. he work with you just ask

how bout the one below it? the 404 one

its only 120 psi that much difference in psi will make a difference in sound volume

most people are always looking for a little more so if you feel this might be your case you should go with the 145 psi kit for only $36 more

those are the perfect words =)

GUYSSSSSS I BOUGHT THE 150 psi kit!!! with the 4 horns! i cant wait to put it in!

here is a pic