Which train Horn is the loudest?

DJD Laboratories, who specializes in reviewing aftermarket automotive products, just released their newest review. They wanted to answer the question “What train horn is the loudest?” They asked for some of our horns, we sent them all! Check out the results!


Wow! I love me a comprehensive review, and this is certainly one of the best! It’s going to take a while to get through all the videos, but the graphs speak for themselves.

aaaaaaaaaaaand i just watched a 30 min video about horns.

Interesting stats for the Shocker XL’s at 100, 145, and 200psi. The graphs suggest there’s little reason to run a set of shockers above 100psi, as 100psi was plenty loud in their tests both at 3ft and 100ft … and one maximizes honk time by running at 100psi and sacrificing a few decibels at 3ft. :slight_smile:

Real, actual, proper data with unboxing videos. That is a great resource.

Very good review. Makes me proud to own Shocker’s. Knowing I have the next best thing to a real locomotive horn.

Brilliant & very useful information :slight_smile:

From what I’m seeing the shocker is loudest in the 100-150 psi range? Wow. Awesome site though bookmarked for a Rainey day to watch all them vids!!

The k5la WINS!!! TRUMP 2016

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2 sets of Shocker Xl train horns @ 200psi, 8gal tank,1/2" airline and ear plugs!!! That is louder than k5la by far. TRUMP 2016

According to this page: http://trainhorns.us/articles/extremely-loud-train-horns/ the K5LA is the loudest.

Actually the K3 is louder (156db) compared to the K5 (154db).

But really, at that level no one can tell the difference unless you have a highly calibrated db meter.