Who else is just absolutely hooked on their horns?

I am to the point now, I don’t think I’d know what to do without my Nathan’s. I’ve put them up for sale several times, not serious…but a solid offer would take them. I’ve found them very effective in some situations…they’ve saved a motor vehicle collision more than once already also.

This goes beyond the fact of a fun scare…like passerbys at the mall, but more into making other drivers alert of your presence…and even a good ‘salute’ to an aggressive/stupid driver.

Anyone else as hooked as me? I drive around at 150psi, at all times…

I have to have air in my system at all times myself. I currently don’t have horns on my ride but come this weekend will be installing new dual OB2, dual 5gal tanks, and my K5HLAr24

Same here - took mine out last weekend for an upgrade. I rode around with 200psi about 95% of the time. Any time I went somewhere I would have to unroll my hard tonneau to expose the horns and turn on the compressor switch in the bed. I’ve done that faithfully all year…before and after work.

BEAST & E2E I would like to hear the details of your new set ups??

ANd of course pics N vidz:D

BEAST what is a K5hlar24???

and do you have a pic??

the r 2 and 4 just stands for the bells are reveresed

Will post pics of setup when complete. Also I will get pics of the K5HLAr24 before install to show the 2 and 4A bells reversed.

I love em, good conversation piece lol, when i got my oil changed the mechanics stood their and stared at them for 5 minutes LOL whole group of em haha

I’m taking lots of pics as I go. Working on tank and electrical enclosure right now. I’ll make an install thread pretty soon, but basically more air and moving the horns.

I wish I was further along with my setup than I am. I have to remove some things off the truck and then do a little welding. So I can have my compressors and tanks mounted where they can easily be removed when needed. And possibly adding another battery for the compressors. But managed to get the bracket cut out to hold the horns:D

first i want to say i love my Shocker XLT, riding at about 200psi. something i wanted to say about this post though, what i did with my compressor switch was wired it to the cutoff switch would be in my cab under the dash where i could flip it with my foot and where it wasn’t in the way.

I hear ya. Mine was totally “rigged”. It wasn’t even from an ignition source. :smiley:

wow, lol. at first mine was wired straight to the battery, which would not be a problem if some of my connections off the tank didnt leak (a project in a few days i will be fixing). i wired it where the swith was in the bed, but would get tired of having to go back there to turn it on. once again (like the wheel) laziness was the inventor