who is in

best honk scares on Halloween night
video competition?
whose in?


i think the rules should be around as followed.
these are in no way offical.
lets vote?

if the horn IS NOT from hornblasters do not state so. we are supporting them, not ebay.

all video must be timestamped.
ALL video cameras have this ability.

thus all videos must be taken on Halloween and the morning after(midnight till sunrise)

all videos must be uploaded within a week after Halloween (Nov 7th)

winner is chosen by vote of THOSE who DID NOT PARTICIPATE.

be sure not to include any personal information in the videos.

do not include any illegal violence in the video (street fighting)

remain professional. use the terror on the streets video’s basically as a code of conduct, you dont hear everyone in the car yelling and laughing like some of the yotube crap. you hear reactions allot better.

use only your footage.

all people who did not sign release forums as a law in the united states must have there identity’s hidden “face blur”

all videos should be watermarked with the hornblasters logo, or at least something to recognize us as individuals of the forum.
remember we are supporting Hornblasters,
train horn videos make it HUGE online.
i dont know about you but i am NOT about to have my video end up on some poopy seige engineering or jap crap poop “train horn” product advertisement.
these videos are stolen like babys in china.

put a cotton ball or some sort of wind blocker on the mic of your camera.
remember also to keep it as legal as possible.
we don’t want the medias attention.
just take it more of as a hobby than a sport.

these are not official.
just looking for input???
then we will vote on rules?

? Prizes
? Donations from Hornblasters
? Winner gets to have his video on the next DVD from Hornblasters

i’m in of course…

I’m down

if i can get off work in time and get home to record some im in

Im in if someone can explain to me how to get video of a vid cam to a computer.

Count me in.

what kind of video camera do you have? brand and model#

SAMSUNG Digimax A 503 more of a camera then it is a video recorder lol gets the job done though.

I do know its a sony but i will have to get back to you with more info

depending on type of camera there are few ways…
theres firewire, usb, memory stick/memory card,

someone needs to get on this i think this would be a great idea!

Hell yeah we need ourselfs some Jugdes pronto!

we can could set up a pole. have everyone submit their videos and have a pole thread to determine who wins.

Great idea Twist.

Im hoping i get off early enough for this…