Who will win the 2009 MLB All-Star Game?

National League FTMFW!!!

I was fixing my tank. I missed it. AL won, but I thought the NL was going to take it

i was very very angry yesterday night, fucking AL lol

come on dont be angry of course the al was going to win with 5 rays on the team.

I like the AL because I’m an Angel fan, not a Dodger fan.


I will win it

sorry, you’re a few months late…lol

now we should be talking about who will make the playoffs.

haha Florida Marlins for sure!

Angels too!

that’s where Kendry Morales is playing right?

Yes, and we were worried when Teixeira signed with the Yankees but not any more. Mike Scioscia knew Morales had what it takes to be successful from his minor league stats but that doesn’t always work in the majors. Still Scioscia is one of the best, if not the best, coaches in the game and he signed up for 10 more years.

yeah morales is a really good player he was one of the best back in cuba

I’ve heard that while watching their games.

According to AL will win the 2009 MLB ALL - Star Game. Because I love this team very much. And this one is the great performer with their history.

If I remember correctly, the AL did win the 2009 all star game and the NL won it 2010 but this is 2011 and that all star game happens in July.

Who do you think will win this year?

I would like to see the AL win it because I’m an Angel fan but that will be very difficult with Cliff Lee pitching for the Philly’s now…

Phillies all the way!!! Im a huge philly fan

I like the AL and AL was win with 5 rays on the team. I am happy to see that. because they are my favourite and I think they are the best.