Why does everyone talk about Nathan/Airchime horns

What about Leslies and Primes? IMO Leslies are louder and sound WAY better. They just aren’t as simple as a Nathan P or K horn. There’s heads and nozzles to wear out and need machining plus they are too big to mount under a truck of any kind or hide anywhere. But as I said, they sound way better. Oh and no, I don’t go around scaring people with them. I actually don’t even have them mounted on anything. I just collect and restore them. These things can really damage people’s hearing for life. anyways, Here’s a pic of my Lesle RS3L next to my K3LA’s.

Everyone talks about Nathans because they are the most commonly used horn on trains today… So basically its going to the be default train horn tone everyone is used to hearing…
Either horns, whether its lesile or the nathans on a vehicle will still be loud as fuck!!
i guess its just personal preference!

Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I love both but I honked the K3LA and the RS3L side by side and the Leslie seemed to have won by a longshot. haha

i love the sound of a leslie, but like you said theyre so damn big! i need to start collecting real train horns…

Yeah, they’re too big to hide on anything but an 18 wheeler or under a bed cover.

agreed leslie’s are huge i had a set of LESLIE S5T-R’s and OMG the biggest bell on the horn was atleast 10" across dont think i would have ever found a place on my truck to put them

Yeah that’s the number 25 bell. That’s the biggest bell on an RS3L also. Here’s a pic for people who have never seen how big it is.

and i almost bought one on ebay to put on my cady…haaaaa

lol yeah that woulda been fun trying to find somewhere for it. I like the sound of your exhaust alot by the way! Just something about a big car with a truck sound. No one does that to Cadillacs around here, only grandmas driving em so that makes me happy to hear lol

that exhaust is pretty sweet. u need flame throwers on there! i had a glass pack on my truck and i wanted to go louder to i straight piped mine out the side in front og the back tire

This is one of the ways you can mount a rsl-3lr. This is in my 95 cummins. Fit it so that my toolbox sets right over them. And I also have a black diamond plate hiding the horns and compressors.

That’s a pretty cool idea! No way someone is gonna steal that haha

nice! i thought bout doin that…but didnt wanna cut my bed up

the train horns i have are like the HB4H you can mount them anywhere, damn real train horns are so big i cant hide them anywhere… thanks for the comments on the exhaust guys, most people whine and ask me why would i do that to a cadillac :rolleyes:

Yeah they are hard to put on a car… and there’s no way in heck that I would cut my trunk out. That’s why I just leave my horns in my bedroom floor lol. My brother has a bagged truck so when I want to test one out or he wants to use a different one, I let him put em on his truck. Right now he has a P5 on there lol. He just has his mounted in the bed though on a custom mount we made.

where did everyone get there horns?

first chrome 3horn set from local truck stop my grover from the peterbuilt dealer, my first black 4 horn set from hornblasters and my secong 4 horn set the trucker store used to sell the buel ones too and he had a used display set i got for next to nothing

I got my K3LA from a bunch of different places. The #1 bell from the railroad tracks (laying on the side of the tracks in the mud), the #2 bell from a guy at the RR, the 4a bell from a guy on the internet and the manifold from the same guy. Same with my P horn. Got the 1,2, and 4 bells from Anthony at StreetNShow, the 5 bell from Nathan, the manifold from Ebay, and the 3 bell from a guy on ebay as well. Then my Leslie horn I got from Ebay in bad shape and restored it. And that’s that… lol

im waiting for a good deal on a leslie or nathan to come around

what do u consider a good deal?