Why I like to scare groups of students

This happened just last week.

I was on my way to work and I was on this two lane road beside a river but with walls on both sides. I see a group of about ten or so students in uniforms (all boys) and all are walking occupying about half of my lane. (right side)

A couple cars are coming from the opposite lane so I can’t pass by them. Turned on the shockers and gave them a couple blasts.

All of them jumped and ran to the side! But this one guy got so shocked he literally jumped and climbed onto another guy’s back!!! Everyone had a sense of humor and everyone’s laughing it off. :cool: that made my day. :smiley: I hate it when things like those happen with no one with me to take a vdeo :mad:

OT: I just couldn’t forget this one time I was going to park in a mall when I spotted an ice delivery truck and a guy pushing a cart full of ice was about to cross the street. I honked a couple times and forgot the shocker was on. the guy on the truck spilled half a sack of ice on the road at the back of the truck. ooops. my bad. :eek: they gave me a stare as I passed. lol

haha kids are the best to scare lmao…

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sorority chicks… /thread

id have to say fraternity boys